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Статьи » Соревнования на УКВ » Summer Saint-Petersburg Open VHF Contest 2021 Rules
Summer Saint-Petersburg Open VHF Contest 2021 Rules

Summer Saint-Petersburg Open VHF Contest 2021

Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast regional branches of Russian radioamateur Union (SRR) hereby invites all licensed radio amateurs to participate in Summer Saint-Petersburg Open VHF contest.

1. Period.

 1.1. Jun. 13, 2021, 15:00-19:00 UTC.

2. Participants.

 2.1. All licensed radio amateurs.

2.2. Every competitor should make at least one contact with Saint-Petersburg city or it's region (Leningradskaya oblast). This requirement may be ruled out by the decision of the organizers.

Any callsign of Saint-Petersburg and it's region consist of any russian prefix, digit "1" and then the first letter of suffix must be one of "A"-"M". For example UA1DZ, UA1MU, RK1AA, RO1A, RX1CD, UA1CKC.

3. Bands and modes.

 3.1. 144, 432 and 1296 MHz: CW, SSB and FM in accordance with IARU Region 1 bandplan.

4. Contacts.

4.1. Duplicate contacts are allowed only on the different bands.

4.2. Mixed, EME, MS and repeater contacts are not allowed.

4.3. Skeds are allowed.

4.4. The exchange of numbers outside the amateur bands is not allowed.

5. Exchange.

5.1. RS(T), serial number of contact and QTH-locator, for example 599 001 KO59EX.

5.2.Real RST reporting is recommended.

6. Points.

6.1. 1 point for each kilometer of the distance between stations on 144 MHz.

6.2. 2 points for each kilometer of the distance between stations on 432 MHz.

6.3. 4 points for each kilometer of the distance between stations on 1296 MHz.

If distance is less than 1 km then also 1, 2 or 4 point according to the band. 

6.4. 500 additional points for each new WWL square on every band.

7. Classes

7.1. Participants are divided into 3 classes::

  • A0. Multi operators;
  • A1. Single operator, all bands, all modes;
  • A2. Single operator, 144 MHz band;

7.2. Only one of the classes is allowed to apply.

7.3. It is allowed to apply into in a single-band class A2, if QSOs were operated on several bands.

7.4. Participants who enter the A1 class, but have less than 5 QSOs on the 432 and 1296 MHz bands, will automatically be transferred to the A2 class.

7.5. Participants representing sports organizations of the Russian Federation Northwestern Federal District automatically qualify for the Championship of the Northwestern Federal District in two classes

  • Multi operators;
  • Single operator, all bands, all modes;

7.6. Participants representing sports organizations of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region automatically qualify for the Leningrad Region Cup in two classes: 

  • Multi operators;
  • Single operator, all bands, all modes;

7.7. Among the participants outside St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, who do not represent the sports organizations of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, separate results will be summed up for three subgroups::

  • Multi operators;
  • Single operator, all bands, all modes;
  • Single operator, 144 MHz band;

7.8. The first three places in all multi-band subgroups can only be claimed by participants who have confirmed at least 5 QSOs on the 432 and / or 1296 MHz bands.

7.9. The number of operators in classes with several operators is two or three.

7.10. The number of technical assistants in all classes is not limited, however, they are prohibited from operating in the air during the contest.

8. Logs.

8.1. Logs are accepted only by e-mail.

8.2. The format of the log for foreign participants: EDI (REG1TEST).

8.3. Participants who sent logs not in the required format, and who won prizes at the same time, will not be awarded.

8.4. For each QSO, the UTC time, the range (144, 432 or 1.2G), the type of work, the callsign of another station, the received and transmitted exchange numbers must be indicated.

8.5. It is desirable to describe the used equipment and antennas.

8.6. Each log resubmission with the changed data on QSOs list and / or the changed claimed class is subject for penalty by the withdrawal of 10% of the points. The change in the log data about the participant and his radio station is not subject for penalty.

8.7. Deadline for the logs: 18:00 UTC June 23, 2021. Logs received later, for consideration are taken by a special decision of the organizers.

8.8. The log submission is certified declaration in compliance with these Rules and the National Regulations of the radio amateur service.

9. Logs checking.

9.1. Logs checking is carried out by a method of the overall crosschecking of the logs received.

9.2. QSOs are not counted if:

9.2.1. the another station log is not received;

9.2.2. the QSO attributes (time, band, mode, callsigns and exchange numbers, including QTH-locators) do not match.

9.2.3. the discrepancy between the finish time of the QSO in the logs of stations is more than 3 minutes

9.3. If there are systematic (homogeneous and repetitive) errors in the log, the decision remains with the jury.

9.4. Estimated date of the preliminary results publication is June 24, 2021.

9.5. The disclaims on the results of the contest are accepted within 10 days from the date of publication of the preliminary results. Then the results will be approved.

9.6. Participants who do not fulfill the requirements of the organizers of the contest and the jury, as well as show disrespect to them in any form, including in the World Wide Web, may be suspended from participation in the competition, and their logs are used just for the control. 

9.7. The decision of the contest jury is final.

10. Awarding.

10.1. Winners and prize-winners of the contest in classes from 7.5, 7.6 and 7.7 will be awarded with commemorative prizes, if possible.

10.2. All participants who submit their logs can be awarded with electronic diplomas, if possible.

10.3. For awarding in multi-band classes it is necessary to have confirmed at least 5 QSOs on 432 and 1296 MHz.

10.4. If several operators took part in the operating the radiostation - prizewinner, each of operators can be additionally awarded with a medal.

10.5. The results will highlight participants who do not use sceds, cluster and chats during contest. Such participants are still allowed to offer to make QSO on other bands during QSO.

10.6. Participants are awarded in additional nominations presented by the organizers or sponsors:

  • Single operator - field conditions. It is necessary to use an autonomous power source, be located at least 50 meters from any capital structures (buildings, towers, pillars). Technical assistants are allowed. It is necessary to provide photos of the position confirming the specified requirements. Sposor - Sergey Permut UA1ANA.

11. Submissions.

11.1. E-mail for logs (only for logs!): vhf_logs@alrs.info

11.2. Online log submission link: http://alrs.info/viewpage.php?page_id=29&selected_contest=SPB-OPEN-VHF&lang=en

11.3. E-mail for questions to the contest jury: vhf@alrs.info

11.4. Web: http://www.alrs.info/vhf

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